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Geared towards creating a courageous and health-conscious younger generation, PreTKD classes at Versus Sport Taekwondo are designed to develop strong athletic and character skills that your kids will carry throughout their lifetime. Attributes – including balance, coordination, reaction time, speed, agility, strength and power and other key skills such as focus, listening skills, teamwork and leadership are led by experienced, you and family fitness certified instructors who consistently reinforce the Versus Sport mentality to never give up while keeping your kids motivated – even outside of the gym. Versus Sport Taekwondo offers class times where kids and parents can enjoy the sport of taekwondo and get fit as a team, together.



At the Core of Versus Sport Taekwondo’s classes is our unique approach to the fundamentals of our martial art. Our program is proven to help kids grow both mentally and physically with a balance of fitness and fun that engages children while allowing them to experience martial arts in a modern and motivational way. Students in this program will be focused on the skill building necessary to move through our award winning classes on their way to achieving the goal of graduating with their very own black belt.



Youth sport classes at Versus Sport Taekwondo utilize all aspects of your child’s physical and mental abilities mimicking the training that our elite athletes enjoy each day. The classes will include fitness and fun while teach competition ready skills and drills to help your child be the best that they can be. The primary purpose of the sport practice is to teach the basic sparring movements of the Olympic Sport. This class includes competition and uses the upper and lower body to complete exercises and drills designed to create the complete athlete.