Children + Grit = Success!

Your child is special. Unique. And has lots of potential. There are many ways to tap into that potential. You will want to support your child physically, mentally and cognitively as they develop and grow. Each year they learn more. Every experience gives them more knowledge about the world they live in. But did you know that the most important element to your child’s success is grit and determination?

Researcher, neuroscientist, and author, Anglea Duckworth, has written an incredible book titled “Grit” which discusses a hypothesis that what really drives success is not “genius” but a unique combination of passion and long-term perseverance.

At Versus Sport Taekwondo, we believe in giving kids an extra chance to maximize their potential and have curriculum, guidance, and focus on bringing out the very best in our students. The pillars of our success lie in the best elements of team building, leadership, and fitness are combined with the benefits of goal setting.

Each part of our motto is a vital component for how we work with your child.

·      Train

·      Grow

·      Succeed

·      Repeat


Training improves us. It makes us better. Training helps your child to develop healthy habits and to grow as people. Science shows that staying active and healthy has far reaching benefits for everyone, especially children.  Training helps not only bones and muscles but also mental health and cognitive ability.

Train with confidence.


As time goes by we know that children will continue to grow and mature into young adults. We strive to put the best role models, opportunities and challenges in front of them to help them grow into their vision of success. Growth is both physical and mental and takes place as we compete against ourselves to complete one more rep, one more practice, one more belt and more.

Grow through experience.


Every experience is a personal growth opportunity for your child. Both winning and losing are an actual successes because there are lessons to be learned in both. Each lesson can be applied to future efforts your child makes. A focus on the positive in each situation supports a continual striving for greatness. In this area we find that we hone in on our inner grit, overcoming challenges and learning that failure is only temporary and that our effort will help us achieve our goals.
Success is ultimately found whenever full effort is applied. Results are not always the only measure of success. Maybe the results were not what your child wanted. But usually there is a lesson in there that was needed. To define success, your child can drive toward achieving their goals through hard work, dedication and perseverance.

Succeed through effort.


It is a simple formula. Make an attempt, learn from the experience, find the positive in every situation and repeat. By setting smart goals and understanding that the process is more important than the outcome, you can ensure that your child can grow healthy mentally, physically and cognitively.

Repeat, repeatedly.


Versus Sport Taekwondo offers customized programs for all age groups. Elementary school students just discovering martial arts learn and grow in a supportive environment. If you are training to be a national champion you have also found the right place.

Unlock your potential, one kick at a time.